Thursday, June 19, 2008


Link bait is actually getting other sites to link to the content of a certain site, because they find the content is valuable, not out of a request of a web master. The content is used as bait to get links on a passive way. If the content is useful and valuable there is no need to be proactive to get one-way links to your site, but link building is fundamental to get higher search engine positions. And most of the almighty Google gives a rank to sites and for the sake of page rank link bait is inevitable.

Let me explain with a example. This site called SEOCHAT.COM has lots of free tools like AdSense calculator, link popularity checker, keyword density checker and more. These tools are added to attract visitors. These tools are valuable to the visitors to determine how they position in the search engines and through these facts the tools offer, the visitors can decide if they are going to use the service SEOCHAT.COM offers. A downloadable products like a free e-books can also be a great link bait. Some websites offer tutorials as link bait, this is a great option too.

The new trend in link bait is social bookmarking, sites such as can be used as link bait. Once you tag your post, which is submitted to social bookmarking sites. These posts can be linked to other sites by members of these social bookmarking sites if they find the post valuable.

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