Wednesday, July 9, 2008


What are keywords:: Keywords can be explained as a word that will explain the whole content in few words what the websites content is about. When a website’s content is about online marketing. Keywords can be ‘make money online’, ‘online money making’, ‘money,\ online’. These are few of the related words that the surfers will type into the search engines to find the related site.

When ever a web master write an article about a certain topic it is necessary to focus on keywords what the visitors will type into the search engine. If a web master targets these keywords with the right amount of the keywords. The website will be ranked in the search engines in a higher position.

Long-tail keywords: The first thing needed to comprehend the effectiveness of long-tail keywords are the behavior of the visitors. Before a visitor decide to purchase a product online there are few issues they consider. Usually the first step is the visitor learns about the product. Visitor will be searching more detailed information about the product of choice. The visitor will compare the quality and the prices of the products. Finally the visitor will decide to purchase the product.

Through these steps the visitor can come to a decision. The visitor will type in the keywords phrase in the search engines. If a website is properly optimized this site will attract the prospects to purchase from this site, because it is optimized well and this site ranks high in the search engines for the targeted keywords. If a site sells 'how to' e-books then targeting long phrase keywords such as examples below you will have a chance on higher rankings, because you target long-tail keywords.

* E-book with tips for article marketing
* E-book with affiliate marketing know-how
* Search engine optimization guide (seo)tips
* Download the affiliate marketing report for free.

If you target long-tail keywords there is a better chance against all the short keywords like affiliate marketing, seo, article marketing tips. These are the keywords most of the web masters target.