Thursday, June 19, 2008


It might sound complicated and the words search engine optimization. It is quite simple it is not brain surgery. If you are running a personal website for the fun best is to do it your self. If you hire an expert it will cost few hundred dollars. Seo business is booming nowadays. The seo experts are making large sums with this business. These people are promising high search engine rankings within few days on top of Google.

It is not that simple to get high rankings it takes lots of effort to get such high rankings. Each search engine has it is own formulas to rank your site. When most people type in a certain keyword the search engines generates results. If your site contains this keyword, then it depends on how many times this keyword contains on your site, through the complicated formula the search engine give the keywords, which shows up on your site a weight. The site's with heaviest weight for this keyword will show up on the first page. The most users navigates through the first few pages and those are ranked lower have to put more effort to get higher rankings and this takes time. What really influence the site's rankings are the amount of links, which points to your website, the meta tags and of course the amount of incoming links depends on search engines and website directories you submit your site to.

Focusing on keyword phrase rather than on one single keyword can give you more results. For example if you own a night club site, it is better to focus on a keyword phrase 'best night club in Chicago'. This will have you more chance to rank higher for that keyword phrase, then the keyword 'night club'.

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