Friday, June 27, 2008


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Check your page rank for free. Tool here above will make you able to check your page rank. The page rank is given by Google to let the world know how important your site is. Though the complicated algorithms Google decide what your page rank is. If you have lots of quality backlinks the page rank will be higher.

One of the only thing you can do is to get a higher pr is to increase your backlinks to your site. If you have high pr backlinks to your site, you will need less backlinks to improve your site's rankings.


1. You can comment on high pr blogs, if your comment is approved by the blog owner you will have a permanent backlink to your site. There is software available to make the process of commenting easier.

2. Social bookmark your site on sites as and, these sites gives you a backlink every time you bookmark a site.

3. I think the best method of link building is submitting a site to search engines and directories. The best is to do it manually, it will make you able to submit to niche sites.

4. Buy text links form sites that sells these links. sells quality backlinks
I am not sure how the prices are.