Thursday, June 19, 2008


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is an activity web masters must handle to increase the amount of targeted traffic to a website or a blog from search engines through organic or via algorithmic search engine results. For keywords, which is targeted. The sites which is most visited will be ranked higher in the search engines and this way once who are ranked lower will need more backlinks to rank higher in the search engines.

To increase websites' relevancy SEO is seen as a great marketing strategy. SEO is consider how the people look for a keyword phrase through complicated algorithm. To increase amounts of spiders to visit your site to index in the search engines. Coding, presentation and a structure can be seen as part of SEO. Adding the most unique content to the site can urge the spiders to visit your site and this way you can reach higher rankings. Although there are sites, which use other peoples content from article sites to fill up their website content, this will take much longer to get indexed in the search engines. If the coding done wrong with unoriginal content it will keep the search engine indexing programs spidering your site. Black hat SEO are can harm your website and if the search engines find out that you use these methods they can remove your site from the search engine. Such as linkfarming,
spamindexing, Keyword stuffing are black hat strategies.

In the mid nineties the web masters added URLs to search engines and the robots started to crawl the sites. So that their information was founded by the searchers on the search engines. What a search engine spider does is downloading a site and this site will be stored on the sever of the search engine.
And an other program called indexer, this program crystallize all types of information, which a page contains such as links, and where the page is located and gives a weight to
specif words what the page is about. Then it is placed to 'crawl' the site later on a planned date.

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