Thursday, June 19, 2008


What is google page rank?
Google page rank is a ranking that Google gives to your site. This ranking system is based on algorithms.
Basically Google decide how important your site is. More important your site, higher your page rank will be. If your site is not important your site will be page rank 0. If your site is very important your site will be page rank 10. To reach a higher page rank you need lots of quality backlinks to your site. More backlinks you have higher the page rank will be.

Lots of online entrepreneurs depend on the page rank. If your site ranks low that means it is that the search engines spiders are not crawling your site well. Online money makers such as bloggers are depending on the page rank, because if the page rank is high they can get higher paying opportunities. The oneway links are very important if you want to reach a higher page rank. One of the few things you can do to get quality oneway links is submit your site to search engines and directories. Click here to download a free directory submission tool.

If you have some money to invest, then you can buy backlinks to your website. This can increase your sites page rank quickly. You got to be careful there are lots of blackhat seo techniques such as link farms. The search engines can remove your site from their listing if the search engine find out if you use blackhat techniques. To get higher rankings article submission is another great way. Click here to get a free article submission tool. If you rather outsource your article or directory submission task to SEO service. It is better to let them do this manually.

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