Monday, June 23, 2008


Search engine optimization is something you can not overlook if you are a web master.
The competition is harsh and a good search engine optimization is really needed if you want to survive online and give the exposure to websites in the search engines.
Nowadays the most web masters seek the salvation of the directory submission. This seo strategy is getting more terrain and seems to get more results.

If you consider keyword optimization as one of the initial phases of the seo, then it might take quite a long time for a website to get indexed in the search engines. Unless a site is submitted to directories and search engines. The search engines are created to reject the automated submissions. There are great seo sites, which are offering an excellent service. These services, which provide a manual directory submission. Manual submission seems to be the most effective submission methods.
One of the advantages of manual submission is that the sites can be submitted to appropriate directories, which ensure to list your web site.

If you need to hire me to submit your site to 100 PR4 directories, then you can leave a comment. The prices can be discussed. I think it is fun to do the seo work, this is my hobby and this is not a business I am trying to run. Seo fascinates me a lot and I wish to keep it that way. If I can offer this help to you, I will be glad to submit your site to 100 PR4 directories.