Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have fun building links to my site. This seems to not tough as many people think. I think building links is an essential aspect. If there is proper amount of time is spend to achieve the needed amounts of links there can be long lasting results for the web masters. There are few methods to obtain quality backlinks to a site.

One of the most effective link building strategies is search engine or directory submission. There is enough software on the net to get quality backlinks to a site. This is not tough as many people think. The task of directory submission can be quite time consuming. If people might take the easy route to gain backlinks by submitting sites through automated software the results can not be effective on the long run.
Most directories consider the automated submission as spam. If the links are submitted by auto submitting software you need to submit it each and every month to see result.
The best is to submit manually. This is not that time consuming with the right submission software. Click here to submit manually to high page rank directories.

There is relatively new link building strategy which is called social bookmarking. This is submitting your link to social bookmarking sites such as or There is a chance for web masters to share their sites with other users so that the traffic will increase. Incase the content is valuable it will increase the inbound links when other web masters link to your site's content.

Also an effective link building strategy is article submission. If there is expertise offered in articles and these articles are submitted to article directories and the readers find this valuable source of information and they will give a site a backlink and this can be a great method to get backlinks. Make sure that the content is unique and write quality articles with proper keywords to rank in the search engines. The advantage of article submission is that those article sites have a high page rank. Article directories

Thursday, July 24, 2008


There are two important directories which are DMOZ and Yahoo. Google can not be considered as a directory. Google is a search engine. The difference between directories and search engines is that directories file each site under categories and sub categories. Because the search engines seems to be hype and the online marketers seems not to recognize the essential parts of directory submission. Directories focus on listing sites so that the users can find the links under the categories. Search engines spider the website and if a site offers well optimized keyword pages it will get ranked. And the search engines have a commercial intentions to attract the potential customers.

There is the possibility to submit the sites to a directory manually or automatically. After the submission a person of the directory will review the link and either it gets approved or rejected. One of the main advantages of directory submission is that the search engines will crawl the directories for new links and will index the links which the spiders finds valuable. This will eliminate the time consuming task of submitting sites to search engines.

The advantages of directory submission are: It gives you one way link. Directories allow the people to create anchor texts and insert the targeted keywords. Mostly the website directories are free of charge. For Targeted traffic website directories are ideal.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have been experimenting with all the aspects of seo techniques. I think they are all valuable. And the best results can be reached when every technique is implemented properly. I have been bookmarking my links at twenty bookmarking sites. It is for certain that every bookmarking site does not have much as high page rank like Google bookmarks.

The best to bookmark sites at Google bookmarks. I think having a link from Google bookmarks it can give a site a higher ranking. Every time you bookmark there is another pr 7 link back to a site. Having high pr backlinks increase the value of the page rank. There are lots of automatic book making software available on the net. For a small fee of 0 USD you can use the free automatic online software. Go to Onlywire and automatically submit all the links for free. It takes some time to sign up with all the social bookmarking web sites. There after the comfort is great. It is time consuming. I think only submitting to Google Bookmarks can be even greater because there is a backlink from Google affiliated site and the link value is pr 7. The other bookmarking sites need to be crawled first then you have to hope that your link gets crawled to rank in the search engines. I bookmarked this site's link on 15th of July and by today 24th July it is indexed in Google.

I seem to get quick result with this seo technique.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Link development is a main issue when it comes to utilizing the search engine optimization tools. Like all the aspects of building traffic and more search engine visibility link development can be achieved by a proper link building strategy.
The major attraction of the web site promotion depends on getting on the plateau of the challenging task of achieving quality inbound links rather than the quantity of incoming links. Focusing on higher page rank backlinks can give more profitable results then.

I think link building is an exact science and it can be come more of an art if the right efforts are put into it. Within few months it can become a well known tactic to practice and gain a higher page rank. Effectively putting in the needed amount of work can give a website a continuous stream of traffic. All the web masters should beware of getting a large amounts of low-quality inbound links. With low-quality I mean the irrelevant inbound links these can really do damage to the sites rankings. Incoming links should come from relevant sites. To stay ahead of the competition and get inbound links then insert your web site's url in the signature of forums. So every time another forum post is written and posted your site's url will appear on the forum and this means another incoming link to your site. Choose forums which are are relevant and mostly they have a high page rank. The fun part is there are lots of tips and advanced level of information available about the subject of your choice.

Go to your favorite search engine and fill in the sort of forums. Mostly there are lists available.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I think getting an amount of quality backlinks which are related to your site is essential to survive if a web master wants profitable results from a site. It is not that hard to get quality back links or one way backlinks. One of the inevitable methods is optimizing the content with the right keywords. This is a one aspect of seo.

There are more methods to get backlinks. If a site is optimized with the proper keywords and unique content there will be other web masters who are willing to link to a site because it offers useful and helpful content for a web master. This will increase your sites visibility through getting backlinks. There is also another method which is submitting articles to high page rank article sites. Sites such as has a high page rank and if an article is submitted to this site and the article is of the best quality which offers a useful resource to the readers of the ezine article directories then these people are willing to link to your site. This will boost site’s rankings and will increase the backlinks to your site. Make sure that an article contains unique content and has no grammar errors. Click here to check out the list of article directories.

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Friday, July 18, 2008


This post is dedicated to give you a simple technique to run spying reports on competitors and increase like popularity. With this technique is it possible to find relevant web sites to get a link. This technique shows you how to spy on the traffic status of the competitors. Find out where the competitive sites where they buy ads from and which marketing technique they utilize and which affiliate program they work for.


To approach the right sites to get a link from is essential because if irrelevant sites link to a site can harm the link popularity. Find out which sites are relevant to your site. It can be time consuming and efforts will pave the way to a higher link popularity. But there is a better technique.


It would great to own a list of web sites which is related to your web site. They have already showed their 'link friendliness' by linking to site such as yours. The secret list is list of sites which already link to competitors. Stay head of the competition and find out about which sites are related to your site and run a link popularity report to find the related site. Click here to check to run a link popularity of your competition and just fill in the site url of your competition.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Search engine optimization is becoming more essential and it is developing towards a field of expertise. It is now step by step getting out of hands of the spammers and seo fanatics are glowing light into the dark side of seo. The spammers can not deny that honesty is the best policy and blackhat strategies simply can not compete with the legal seo strategies. Seo has a great future and more and more business are seeing the importance of the seo and can not seems to get around without it if they want to survive in the highly competitive market.

The most amount of traffic is coming from the search engines and that is why directory submission is very important if a web master wants targeted traffic for higher conversions. There are also traffic coming via social bookmarking sites such as and These are relevant traffic and social bookmarking can not be left out of the field of search engine optimization. The experts are expressing their opinion about how important organic optimization and social media optimization is going to be. These both strategies can bring quality traffic.

ORGANIC SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is getting a high page rank based on the quality of the web site such as the design, unique content and amount of quality inbound links pointing towards a web site. The search engines will decide how much they like the web sites and will rank up to it's standards. Organic optimization takes time to gain results and if a web master plan to achieve long term goals then it will give a lucrative outcome. The algorithms are constantly developing and expanding the amounts of links can not longer mean that the ranking goes up. The domain age and the age of the links pointing towards a web site plays a role and only obtaining amount of quality links can improve the rankings. These aspects are considered as the main criteria to determine the importance of a website. The seo is getting more difficult, because of the more complex algorithm developments.

SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION is getting others to promote your sites links and send traffic to a website within few hours. Sites such as and and can bring those targeted and relevant traffic.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


There is lots of information on-line, it is hard to concentrate with all the information online. A writer might get flooded with resources and might have a hard time to separate the useful content from the other unwanted content. If there are moments that you as a writer have problems with being inspired to write then you should focus on overcoming the writers block. To stay ahead of the competition, then there is unique content needed. If there are moments a web master is being worried about the next article or the blog post, do not sit there and get more frustrated. Then take a walk or watch tv or read the news paper for awhile to fresh up the gray cells in your skull. Below there are some tips stated to write fresh unique content.

This will keep you motivated when you have written one post a day, then your satisfaction of the work will drive the writer towards higher goals and inspiration will flow through the finger tips. If there is the chance to write, write daily to produce fresh content. Take the favorite magazine and absorb the impressive lines and let this be an inspiration to come up with unique content.
If there is a hot idea pops up, then better write it down. The answer is to write on a daily basis. This is the challenge, there is no need to publish everyday, but consider writing everyday.

This goes for everything we do in life. If anyone can set their own standards and create their own voice on the net it will create a unique voice of your own. Comparing to others can not be fair to your own self, because the other may have more experience and the some may not. So always write what you think it is good and then others can not compare with the work you deliver either.

Read the favorite books offline, rush into the local library and pick the favorite book and dig deep to find out about more issues you are interested in. Reading offline there is more chance to feel to be inspired. Take a look in the daily paper if there are interesting articles of the topic you are writing about.

If a webmaster want to stay focused on work. Take the old fashion pen and the pad. The writing will flow more and the uniqueness will grow and will increase the traffic and the page rank. Some people might write quicker with a pen than the on the computer.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Keyword dilution can really harm search engine rankings, because having too many of the same keyword can be considered as exaggerated spider food and the search engines this will be seen as spam and too high keyword density will bring down the page rankings.


The best way to optimize a site is to have the same amount of pages and the same amount of keywords. Use a professional keyword research tool. The Adwords keyword tool of Google is a great tool to find out the best keywords for a site. If a web master owns a site with twenty pages than the best is to include twenty keywords or twenty keyword phrases. Optimize the site for the keyword phrase 'coffee cup' if you sell coffee cups on line. If a online entrepreneur sells coffee cups with teddy bear print on it. Then dedicate a whole individual page for this product and if a web master would optimize a site for 'coffee cups with teddy bear print' this will have more chances to get found than the web masters who optimize there site only for the word 'coffee cup'.

If you dilute your web site with emphasized phrases like 'check out the best printed coffee cups of the whole globe', blue coffee cups, gray coffee cups. This type of phrases should not be on the home page. It is better to save this for the more specific product pages. Try to avoid adding color to the home page, this is a great example of keyword dilution. Just optimize your site for more than one keyword. Keyword dilution is not something complex to understand.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Web masters are after a high page rank some of them attempt to use unethical seo and tricks to get higher rankings. This is what we call unethical seo. Why are these business owners and web masters are spamming?

* Because a high pagerank is valuable.
* Most visitors do not search further than the first three pages of the search
engine's indexed pages.
* To reach a ethical search engine rankings requires a great dose of patience,
knowledge and it is time consuming
* everyone wants a higher profit, turn overs and great amount of visitors.
There is more money needed to invest in pay per click campaign and ethical
seo methods.
* The most seo services do promises position a
higher positioning with no cure no pay guarantee.

* Some people are not aware of the that they use spam.


Not every search engine reacts the same to spam.

* A text or a tag with spam can be not
crawled by the search engine spiders.
* Spam methods are negative issues and can not be consider as a valuable
resources for the algorithmic search engine positioning.
* The entire site and the domain name might be banned from the search
* when a web master link to a website this site might be banned too if
this site implement unethical methods it will also be banned from
the search engines.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I found some great seo forums I constantly explore these sites to find new seo techniques. These sites contains more advanced search engine optimization methods and free tips to get higher rankings. I red getting a higher rank is not only a matter of backlinks and directory submission. It depends on many factors such as the age of the domain, for what keywords your site is optimized and the keyword density.

If you link to sites such as and your sites is about collecting stamps, this will form no relevancy and the search engines will ignore your content and eventually the search engines spiders will not crawl your site properly. You will have no indexed pages. Make sure that the sites content is about the main topic. Having a site with content about flowers, fish and shoes will not form any relationship with each other and if you have a site about sneakers then add pages with Nike sneakers, Adidas sneakers, Puma sneakers and all the major brand names. This means that you focus on the keyword sneakers.

The fact if you get indexed in the search engines depends on how the website is designed if it contains to much flash graphics the search engine spiders will not be able to crawl the pages well. Having unique content and helpful resources will increase the visibility of the site in the search engines.

Digital point
search engine forums

Do you want 350+ backlinks from article directories?

I am a great fan of link building. This is a relative cheap way to get permanent backlinks from article directories. I think through link building there is a bigger chance to get ranked in the search engines. I think it is the best way to build backlinks to a website. If you need a service that submit your article to article directories, then you found the most affordable article submission service there is on the net.

I decide to offer this service for the online entrepreneurs only. If you own an online business and this is your chance to outsource the time consuming task of article submission to a seo fan, who focus on saving your time and money. The PR of these article directories are from 0 to 5. There are lots of experts who are offering and charging your last cent and promising the site owners quick search engine results. I only guarantee the online entrepreneurs and online businesses that the articles get submitted and this takes time to get ‘crawled’ by the search engine spiders. It depends on the targeted keywords and the unique quality of the articles how quick it gets indexed in the search engines. Do not fall for the false promises of big shot seo experts. This site got indexed in the Google search engines in less than 20 days for the keyword Natural link structure. Get a totally whitehat seo solution for your business website. Like I said this service I offer is not available for the personal websites. This service is strictly open for business websites.

Outsource the time consuming task of article submission to me and I will help you to get better chance to get indexed in Google and other search engines. Mail me at and I will share the article directories names, rank and the price for the whole package of 350+ backlinks through article submission.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


What are keywords:: Keywords can be explained as a word that will explain the whole content in few words what the websites content is about. When a website’s content is about online marketing. Keywords can be ‘make money online’, ‘online money making’, ‘money,\ online’. These are few of the related words that the surfers will type into the search engines to find the related site.

When ever a web master write an article about a certain topic it is necessary to focus on keywords what the visitors will type into the search engine. If a web master targets these keywords with the right amount of the keywords. The website will be ranked in the search engines in a higher position.

Long-tail keywords: The first thing needed to comprehend the effectiveness of long-tail keywords are the behavior of the visitors. Before a visitor decide to purchase a product online there are few issues they consider. Usually the first step is the visitor learns about the product. Visitor will be searching more detailed information about the product of choice. The visitor will compare the quality and the prices of the products. Finally the visitor will decide to purchase the product.

Through these steps the visitor can come to a decision. The visitor will type in the keywords phrase in the search engines. If a website is properly optimized this site will attract the prospects to purchase from this site, because it is optimized well and this site ranks high in the search engines for the targeted keywords. If a site sells 'how to' e-books then targeting long phrase keywords such as examples below you will have a chance on higher rankings, because you target long-tail keywords.

* E-book with tips for article marketing
* E-book with affiliate marketing know-how
* Search engine optimization guide (seo)tips
* Download the affiliate marketing report for free.

If you target long-tail keywords there is a better chance against all the short keywords like affiliate marketing, seo, article marketing tips. These are the keywords most of the web masters target.

Monday, July 7, 2008


The most popular search engine is Google. There are many millionaires made big money thanks to Goolge. If you simply know what to do this can not be that hard to reach high positioning in the search engine of Google.

In this free e-book there are lots of methods described how to reach a high positioning in the search engine of Google. If you read this e-book carefully you will learn the ins and outs how to reach high rankings in Google. In this free e-book there are the basics described how to get higher rankings and how to find the targeted keywords to optimize a site with the proper keywords that will attract visitors. There are link building strategies explained. Building quality links can guarantee a higher ranking in the search engines. There are also tips and tricks you can gain knowledge from to receive higher rankings. This is also a free tool, which gives you an overall info about the sites rankings for a certain keyword.

Find out how you can get better rankings through directory submission and how you can build one way backlinks. This free version is a demo version. I am not an affiliate for this product. So I do not stimulate anyone to buy this product. I just want to make the readers aware of the free software there is for optimizing a website for the best search results. Click here to download this software for free.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Article marketing an effective way to get one way links

I have been trying to find out what the effective methods are to get one way backlinks. Building one way links with articles are not the easiest way, but it is one of the effective ways to build one way links. This means you can have a permanent one way back links to your site after the article directory has approved your article.

If your article is filled with information, which is useful for the readers then the readers will go to your website from the article directory to explore the website. If you brand your self as an expert in the field of your choice, then the readers will return for your expertise. If you write an article for article marketing, then you have to choose the right keywords to optimize the article. If this is the case there will be a better chance for ranking in the search engines. The search engines like Google loves article directories, because there are daily articles added to these directories. The spiders crawl these directories and store the best articles on the search engines. It does not have to cost you anything but a little effort to get higher rankings through articles marketing. If you are an affiliate you can promote the products in your articles and there will be an one way link back to your site after submitting an article to an article directory.

Click here for a free article directory list.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Free keyword tool and free keyword spying tool

To optimize your web content with the proper keywords there is a keyword research needed. To find the right keywords it can be quite a hassle. If your website is about replica guns you should focus on all the related keywords to that subject. It is not easy to come with the words related to the subject on your own. There are data stored on keyword research services, which allows you to find the related keywords to your subject of choice, which your web content is about.

I would like to let the readers know I am not an affiliate so I am not making any money sharing this information with the readers. I can give you this free seo tool to find keywords relevant to your website. Just click here to use this tool for free. If you would like to spy on your competition, then I would like to share this free tool to find out what kind of keywords your competitors are using. This will make it possible for you to optimizeyour web content even better than the competitors. Once again my dear readers this is not an affiliate link so I do not get paid for sending the visitors to this url. Click here to explore the site. This tool is called keyword spy.