Thursday, June 19, 2008


Getting back links are the best method to increase your blog rankings.

Many say that content is king, that is true. It is even more actual that unique content is king, but all that unique content will get you no where if the readers can not find your blog on the net. If you want your blog to be found on the net, the best way is to increase your link popularity. This goal can be reached by submitting your blog to the blog directories. The best is to focus on high PR blog directories. One of the high pr blog directory is Technorati.

Creating an account at Technorati will give you a back link, which is valued pr8

. This is no joke having 15 back links of pr8 will get you on your way to the top of the search rankings. This will increase your page rank in no time. I am glad to share this information with you. If you appreciate it please leave a comment. The only thing you got to do is after creating an account with Technorati fill up info to create a Technorati Profile. After that you can claim all your blogs. There are two methods to claim your blog. One is quick claim and the other is post claim.

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