Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have been experimenting with all the aspects of seo techniques. I think they are all valuable. And the best results can be reached when every technique is implemented properly. I have been bookmarking my links at twenty bookmarking sites. It is for certain that every bookmarking site does not have much as high page rank like Google bookmarks.

The best to bookmark sites at Google bookmarks. I think having a link from Google bookmarks it can give a site a higher ranking. Every time you bookmark there is another pr 7 link back to a site. Having high pr backlinks increase the value of the page rank. There are lots of automatic book making software available on the net. For a small fee of 0 USD you can use the free automatic online software. Go to Onlywire and automatically submit all the links for free. It takes some time to sign up with all the social bookmarking web sites. There after the comfort is great. It is time consuming. I think only submitting to Google Bookmarks can be even greater because there is a backlink from Google affiliated site and the link value is pr 7. The other bookmarking sites need to be crawled first then you have to hope that your link gets crawled to rank in the search engines. I bookmarked this site's link on 15th of July and by today 24th July it is indexed in Google.

I seem to get quick result with this seo technique.