Thursday, July 10, 2008


I found some great seo forums I constantly explore these sites to find new seo techniques. These sites contains more advanced search engine optimization methods and free tips to get higher rankings. I red getting a higher rank is not only a matter of backlinks and directory submission. It depends on many factors such as the age of the domain, for what keywords your site is optimized and the keyword density.

If you link to sites such as and your sites is about collecting stamps, this will form no relevancy and the search engines will ignore your content and eventually the search engines spiders will not crawl your site properly. You will have no indexed pages. Make sure that the sites content is about the main topic. Having a site with content about flowers, fish and shoes will not form any relationship with each other and if you have a site about sneakers then add pages with Nike sneakers, Adidas sneakers, Puma sneakers and all the major brand names. This means that you focus on the keyword sneakers.

The fact if you get indexed in the search engines depends on how the website is designed if it contains to much flash graphics the search engine spiders will not be able to crawl the pages well. Having unique content and helpful resources will increase the visibility of the site in the search engines.

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