Thursday, June 19, 2008


There are more debate going on in the search engine community than the cabinet, what the clients should pay for the search engine optimization experts. The prices vary from 50 bucks to more than 1000 bucks. This depends on the size of the search engine firm and the reputation of the search engine firm. Also the investments in the customer service and in which country the search engine firm is situated. Most European and other western companies move to countries like India and China, because of the growing economy. This is attractive for the clients, because the costs can be kept low through low taxes and other factors.

Rather than outsourcing the seo tasks to experts, the companies train their personnel to do these seo tasks to save money. There is still a great effort needed to get these seo tasks done by the in-house personnel. The learning period and the experimental phase can cost the company lots of money. Eventually the cost of hiring a seo company can be lower than when it is done by in-house personnel. That is in some cases, but it is also possible that the cost is equal. Most companies decide to outsource the search engine optimization or not are based on the prices.


The most important factor of doing seo wrong is the price, which is paid to the firm you are outsourcing your work to or to the internal personnel. This is the easiest cost to recognize. If you can not reach the ultimate results you will find out that the seo task is done wrong. When you sign a contract you will realize there are risk factors involved and the results are not 100% guaranteed. There are seo firms that use aggressive methods and this can violate the search engine rules. If these risky methods are used to increase rankings it will still take a long time for you to see results. Be careful and ask what kinds of methods the firm is using to increase the website rankings. Be ware of link farms and other risky and aggressive techniques. Search engine optimization is getting more terrain and companies are jumping into this to see a good return on investments. Like I said it will take weeks to months to see any results depending on the price you pay to the seo firm or choosing the wrong seo company can delay your ROI or can cost you money.


The price can play a big part in the seo decision. It must not be the main one. Lots of companies think they are saving money and find out that the results are not optimal. Doing "wrong" seo can cost you money and when you compare the prices of outsourcing or the costs of the internal personnel. If you focus on the price and try to save money you will find out that the seo firms will use aggressive methods to optimize your site and this can put your site in danger. If you had one bad experience in the past and forget about SEO, this will give your competitors enough space to get ahead of your site. So do not leave your site to reach high rankings it self. This can never happen.

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