Thursday, July 17, 2008


Search engine optimization is becoming more essential and it is developing towards a field of expertise. It is now step by step getting out of hands of the spammers and seo fanatics are glowing light into the dark side of seo. The spammers can not deny that honesty is the best policy and blackhat strategies simply can not compete with the legal seo strategies. Seo has a great future and more and more business are seeing the importance of the seo and can not seems to get around without it if they want to survive in the highly competitive market.

The most amount of traffic is coming from the search engines and that is why directory submission is very important if a web master wants targeted traffic for higher conversions. There are also traffic coming via social bookmarking sites such as and These are relevant traffic and social bookmarking can not be left out of the field of search engine optimization. The experts are expressing their opinion about how important organic optimization and social media optimization is going to be. These both strategies can bring quality traffic.

ORGANIC SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is getting a high page rank based on the quality of the web site such as the design, unique content and amount of quality inbound links pointing towards a web site. The search engines will decide how much they like the web sites and will rank up to it's standards. Organic optimization takes time to gain results and if a web master plan to achieve long term goals then it will give a lucrative outcome. The algorithms are constantly developing and expanding the amounts of links can not longer mean that the ranking goes up. The domain age and the age of the links pointing towards a web site plays a role and only obtaining amount of quality links can improve the rankings. These aspects are considered as the main criteria to determine the importance of a website. The seo is getting more difficult, because of the more complex algorithm developments.

SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION is getting others to promote your sites links and send traffic to a website within few hours. Sites such as and and can bring those targeted and relevant traffic.

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